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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 29, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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santa rosa is preparing for what is expected to be the largest protest yet following the killing of a 13-year-old boy by a sheriff's deputy. >> this is a horrible tragedy for all involved. people are so incense teftive. 12 hours in the airport. >> it took three planes and more than 12 hours before these passengers headed from oakland to utah even took off. >> i feel like people would stop drinking sugary sodas if they were 25 cents extra. >> the sugary beverage battle is moving to san francisco. >> we are mindful that some of these disclosures have caused tension in our. white house officials will meet with union delegates later today after new riflations of the air space flying on european allies.
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>> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. hi, everyone. good morning tuesday. it's october the 29th. i'm frank. >> and i'm michelle. time now the 6:01. developing use wake up, passengers on a flight from oakland international airport to utah were stuck for nearly 12 hours dealing with issues on three separate planes before leaving for their destination yesterday. allegiant airlines flight 1032 was schedule today leave oakland around 9:30 a.m. but didn't take off until after 8:30 p.m.. and a can of soda in one bay area city may start costing you a little bit more. san francisco supervisor is pushing for a new tax on each can or a bottle of soda sold here in the city. more than a thousand people are expected to march to the sonoma county sheriff's office in santa rosa today to protest the shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez.
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kpix 5 reporter is live there and, kate, this is expected to be the largest demonstration yet. >> that's right, michelle. there is a lot of discontent towards law enforcement in this community. today, nearly 1500 demonstrators are expect today pack on the pressure at yet another rally. as you -- as this is going on, we're also learning new details about the sheriff's deputy who shot andy lopez last week. he's identified as 48-year-old gelhaus. hees been with the sonoma county sheriff's department for more than 20 years. gelhaus is also a field training officer and firearm instructor. the sheriff's office says his deputies feel terrible about what happened. >> horrible tragedy for all involved. >> gelhaus is a veteran of the iraq war and contributor to several gun web sites and mack sooens. meanwhile take a look at lopez memorial. there is very little sympathy
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for gelhaus for andy lopez. to walk out of class again at 10:00 this morning, and demonstrators streets not the sidewalks. reporting live in santa rosa. back to the studio. >> kate, any word on what demonstrators plan to do today? >> well, michelle, according to the facebook page, the group plans to gather at the old -- i believe, tg old courthouse square, and then march to the sheriff's office at 2:00 p.m.. >> all right. life in santa rosa, thank you. 6: jnl 03. let's check the traffic. i guess we got a lit lg issue here. >> we do on city streets. san francisco police department is out there now. direct traffic around in octavia. injuries involved at least five blocks back up in the area. it's also there before you get to the central freeway, so it is to access the central freeway. again, they're working to clear it, but the lights are also out. that's causing a problem. that's why the police department is out there directing cars in the meantime. let's take a live look
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outside trying to get into san francisco. we also got some delays and lights on at 5:52 this morning so we look to see the middle lanes, the fast track lanes that backed up first. kind of unusual. so, anyway, stacking up towards that at least that first crossing in the distance. that's in the cash lane. cash fast track still look okay. that is your latest kcbs traffic. for another check on your forecast, here he is. >> all right. we've got clouds out there right now, even a few scattered showers into the south bay. high def doppler radar picking up some of that activity right now. that train of moisture almost moving from west to east. that has dumped pretty good rain fall into mount madonna, almost half an inch of rain and not done yet. still more moisture sliding on through so little wet there. otherwise we've got partly to mostly cloudy skies around the bay area. the temperatures mainly in the 40s and 50s now as we head in toward the afternoon we'll find a mixture of sunshine and clouds and, well, unseasonably cool temperatures. those highs this afternoon, 50s toward the coastline. only a few 60s inside the bay
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and the valley. that's the latest forecast, guys. stay warm. back to you. >> okay. lawrence, we thank you for that. a trip from oakland to utah turns into the flight from hell after they were stuck on the tarmac for almost an entire day. kpix 5's mark kelly with our exclusive report on the morning flight that didn't get off the ground until late last night. a long day for those folks, mark. >> a long day. got to be happy, frank, none of us were on this flight. it took passengers aboard flight 1032 more than 12 hours just to get in the air. these passengers, they were frustrated, to say the least, and it shows in our exclusive cell phone video to kpix 5. >> allegian air's twice-weekly flight from oakland to utah is usually a quick 90 minutes, but at 9:30 monday morning shortly after flight 10:32 pushed back from the gate, a cable controlling the front landing gear snapped. >> allegiant 1032, just going to push back into the gate? >> yes.
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>> passengers deplaned and were told al secondary craft was coming from las vegas. depar chour tierjs 3:00 p.m.. plane no. 2 arrived but also had a mechanical problem. passengers were told plane no. 3 should arrive from arizona some time after 6:00. on board the third plane, there was this. >> back to the gate for more fuel, and we'll probably push off about another 35 -- 30, 35 minutes. >> by then, passengers had lost all patience. >> been imprisoned by allegiant airlines. >> i'm so fed up with this airport. >> this is unusual. >> just before 9:00 p.m., flight 1032 finally took off, arriving in utah at 10:22, almost 13 hours after it was scheduled to leave. allegiant issued a statement saying in part, "every effort was made to keep the passengers as comfortable as possible. we never want to delay or inconvenience our passengers, but the safety of our passengers
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and crew is our no. 1 priority." >> so three planes more than 12 hours later, passengers finally got to their destination in utah late monday night. live at oakland international, mark kelly, kpix 5. happening today, san francisco supervisors will put forward a plan to charge you 24 cents more for a can of soda. supervisor scott weiner wants the surcharge on each can or bottle of soda sold in the city. the money would pay for health, nutrition and activity programs for young people. >> as long as i know for sure and definitely it's going towards that program and definitely going towards that cause then, yeah, i'd pay for the tax. >> sugar is terrible for you so -- and everyone drinks sugar all the time. i feel like people would stop drinking sugary sodas if they were 25 cents extra. >> the idea will need support from the majority of the board of supervisors to get on the november 2014 ballot. similar tax measures were
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defeated last year in richmond and in the las angeles county town of el monte. protesters planned a rally today against another one of scott weiner's proposals. this time, the supervisor wants san francisco parks to close between midnight and 5:00 a.m.. the idea is to stomp vandalism and theft. protesters say the plan targets homeless people. today's rally will be at noon at city hal. 15 san francisco firefighters have all been award $3.7 million in an age discrimination case. the firefighters challenge results of a test they took back in 2008 to be promoted to lieutenant. each firefighter was awarded pay as if they had been promoted plus $1,408,000 for emotional distress. a man charged with sexually abusing children while work in a morgan hill ymca is expected in court today for a plea hearing. 20-year-old nicholas lhermine allegedly abused five kids, four under the age of 13 and one as young as three. he was also accused of
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possessing child pornography. lernl was arrested in july. today a jury could start deliberating on a north bay teen charged with stealing celebrity chef guy fieri's lamborghini. he's accused of repelling into a dealership back in 2011. fieri spent just five minutes on the stand yesterday telling the court he never gave permission for anyone to take his car. >> for me as a guy that talks on tv all the time, i was surprised i was that short. i just want to keep it straight and to the point. let's wrap this up. >> wade is also accused of trying to kill the girl and her then boyfriend after she rejected wade's advanced. long-time supporters of the nsa are joing the international outrage at revelations about the latest surveillance operation to be made public. now, as reporter susan mcginnis tells us, california senator diane feinstein wants a
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comprehensive review. >> senate intelligence committee chairwoman diane feinstein expressed outrage over allegations the u.s. spies on allies. she issued a statement monday saying, "i am totally opposed." the white house says it is reviewing the program that monitored the foreign leaders, but feinstein and her senate colleagues want to go one step further. she's calling for a review of all intelligence operations. >> these revelations call for a thorough review of the collections standards that we are using. >> senator feinstein says her committee was unaware the u.s. was listening in on private phone calls from friendly heads of state. senator john mccain wants to know who did know. >> obviously we're going to want to know exactly what the president knew and when he knew it. >> the white house won't say whether the president knew about the eavesdropping but admits damage has been done. >> we are mindful that some of these disclosures have caused tension in our relationships. >> elmar is part of a european delegation that is now in
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washington to urge the u.s. to stop spying on allies. >> i think we have to make a clear distinction between fight together terrorists but not spying on friends. >> the eu delegation meets with senator feinstein this morning. susan, cbs news washington. >> white house officials will meet with the european union delegates later today. president obama is already saying there needs to be additional con strants on how the u.s. gathers intelligence. time now is 6: 11. the red sox are one game away from winning the world series. the big crowd watches the game live and at home. and it may taste good on your food, but not everyone likes the burn of hot sauce going down. why the company that makes sriracha feeling the heat. still leftover showers to high def doppler radar and delays at sfo. we'll talk about that coming up. westbound 580 as you head toward the dub lib interchange, we'll have your latest travel time here plus the rest of your
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morning drive. it is all after this break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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it's estimated that 30% of the traffic in a city is caused by people looking for parking. that's remarkable that so much energy is, is wasted. streetline has looked at the problem of parking, which has not been looked at for the last 30, 40 years, we wanted to rethink that whole industry, so we go and put out these sensors in each parking spot and then there's a mesh network that takes this information sends it over the internet so you can go find exactly where those open parking spots are. the collaboration with citi was important for providing us the necessary financing; allow this small start-up to go provide a service to municipalities.
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citi has been an incredible source of advice, how to engage with municipalities, how to structure deals, and as we think about internationally, citi is there every step of the way. so the end result is you reduce congestion, you reduce pollution and you provide a service to merchants,
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. between boston and saint lo the biggest crowd was sunday night at busch stadi sand 469 fans. tha big crowds have been packing the ballparks for the world series between the red sox and cardinals. the beggest crowd was sunday night at bush stadium. that was game 4. tv broadcast produced 9.4 rating. that was better than a year ago when the giants had an 8.9 rating as they finished their world series sweep of the tigers. world series is trending right now as they go into game no. 6. also trending, halloween. a lot of people were in costume over the weekend. hunger games, the final trailer for the last movie came out yesterday. giraffe riddle is making the rounds on facebook. here's why. here's the riddle. it's 3:00 a.m.. the doorbell rings and you wake
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up. it's your parents, and they're there for breakfast. you have strawberry jam, honey, wine bread and cheese. what's the first thing you open? michelle is thinking about it. we won't spoil it and give you the answer, but apparently if you don't inbox the right answer to the person who posted it, you have to repost the riddle and change your profile pic to a giraffe. >> i am, too. check it out. mcdonald's ketchup, mcdonald's the dropping heinz as its provider. got it? >> okay. i got it. >> me, too. city of irwin dale is trying to do something about the powerful smell from the plant that makes the popular hot sauce. >> residents began complaining as month about the odor from the 600,000 square foot facility. now, the city has filed a public nuisance complaint against the owners, huy foods. apparently it's not just people affected by the smell. >> he sneezes a lot, my poor baby. >> how do you know it's the
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sririacha. >> because we smilt real bad. you can tell it's uncomfortable for her, too. >> the lawsuit says the smell is so strong, it has caused residents to move their activities indoors, and in some cases, even move to other housing temporarily. it also says the city has received no action plan from the company illustrating steps it will take. >> are you a hot sauce girl? >> i am. >> oh, really? >> i love hot sauce, yeah. >> i go for the mild thing. >> okay. >> all right. so now you know. liz, how about you? >> it kind of makes me itch my nose a little bit, too. spicy food and chinese food orange chicken. odd. yeah, i know. >> all right. there you go. you learn something every day. >> all right. also, what weir learn sg there's big delays right now in ve knee sha. southbound 685 bfsh the 780 interchange, look at that. really stacking up. that's even gotten worse in the last few minutes. the accident there is blocking the slow lane, and that's why. if you're heading towards the
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bridge on southbound 680, expect to find a traffic jam there. also, some good-shiezed backups now heading toward the bay bridge. turning lights on before 6:00 rather, 5:52 this morning. now, you are backing up towards the crossing. it looks like even past that first one in the distance now, it's mostly the middle lanes backing up, and it looks like still in the far right lane, still looking okay. the outer lanes, the cash fast track, it's these, the fast track only that first backed up, and a quick look towards the san mateo bridge. the commute direction now out of hayward. looks pretty good as you're heading towards the high-rise. still only about 13 minutes ben 880 and 101. that is your latest kcbs traffic. for more on your forecast now, here's lawrence. >> you're making me hungry, liz. >> am i? >> this time in the morning thashs sounds pretty good. we've seen scattered showers, things tapering off, though. some of the activity continuing down into the south bay in the santa cruz mountains continuing to see some of that rain fall work its way in that direction. in fact, pretty good train of moisture sliding on through.
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they've seen about a half an inch of rain fall. you can see showers there and some more to come and then things are going to wind down around the bay area. partly to mostly cloudy start. a cool afternoon with mix of sunshine, and a few clouds. temperatures going to stay down today, but i think tomorrow warming trend begins, and it looks like much warmer weather as we head in toward halloween. low pressure, show, slow to move out of town. that's going to keep these numbers unseasonably cool for this time of year, but then once it moves on by and heads on out, high pressure builds in. delays at sfo this morning on arriving flights just about an hour by the afternoon. skies clearing out with mix of sunshine and clouds. around the country, a chance of few showers into denver about 54 degrees. 86 degrees and warm in houston and cool 54. partly cloudy in york. around the bay today we'll see those temperatures generally in the 50s and also 60s so we'll keep you on the cool side. then as we look out over the next couple of dayings, warm sunshine returns by halloween staying around as we head in toward friday.
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few more clouds coming our way but dry conditions over the weengd, guys. good news for trick or treaters. >> it is good news. all right. lawrence, thanks. 6:20 is your time. coming up we got marlin madness. giant fish jumps on board, but it's what the fisherman did that's more unyushl. i'm dennis. coming up, can the st. louis cardinals even the world series? and the 49ers, man, they had a golden chance to tie for the lead in the nfc west. we'll tell you if they did that coming up. and what's cool about your school? you can e-mail your nomination to us at cool we may feature your school on the show. ,,,,
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you got to love the weekend. it's like everyone came to, "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend." so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any recipe. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good. good morning, everybody. the curse of the bambino is long
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gone, but red sox, they have not won a title since the wilson administration. that could end tonight. through 7 and two-thirds shut out innings in game one. he follows that up with another in game 5 last night. struck out 7 and pitched into the 8th. only gave up a run. it was tied at one in the 7th with david ross doubled up. cardinals ace adam wanewright go ahead. wins the baseball game and they take a 3-series lead. they can wrap it up wednesday. across town, edward jones dome rams have one on football, the other on baseball. third quarter, rus el wilson airs it out, and look at goeltden tate. 80 yards. tate into the end zone 14-6. now, it's 14-9 seattle. we're at the end of the game. the rams have five-straight plays inside the ten-yard line. they couldn't get it done. seattle hangs on. they are 7 and 1. daniel archer stroke of genius proam was held in san
6:25 am
mateo. the tournament raises money for literacy because after passing away in 2005, archer's wife donna revealed that her husband had a 3rd grade reading level, and so money is raised and has been every year to help kids who have learning disabilities learn how to read. great cause down there in san mateo. don't forget. gets it in on with can champ yovens championship all week long. that's it, everybody. see you tonight. and we're going to go back to the world series for this morning eegs play of the day. cardinals shane robinson chops one up the middle off john lester's club, and look at that. the hoover up right there at second base has dustin pedroia, he gloves it and nice little side arm throw to get his man over at first and, of course, taking game 5. they lead it 3 games to 2. one more win at fenway, it's over. >> it's other. >> over. >> as they would say in boston, right? >> uh-huh. three fisher menino
6:26 am
desperately trying to reel in a marlin when it jumps straight into a boat. take a look. narrowly miss it is man. one guy actually jumps out of the boat into the water to avoid getting stabbed by this marlin. it was eventually brought under control and the man in the water was also fished out, as you can imagine, the video has now gotten viral. what a story to tell. >> a feisty little thing. >> feisty. look. he's trying to get back in the water. 6:26 right now. the warriors haven't left oakland yet, but you can already feel the excitement in san francisco. why the potential move to the city's waterfront is about more than an arena. a couple is out walking the ark.. when a weir live in santa rosa where demonstrators are planning a massive rally will to proes a death of a 13-year-old boy shot and killed by deputies. we'll have those details including new information on the deputy that shot the boy. ,,
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this is kpix 5 news. a couple is out walk their dog in menlo park when a suspected drunk driver hits and kills them. what we're learning about the woman behind the wheel. plus, >> i'm looking, and i think we've come a long way. >> it's been a year since superstorm sandy hit the northeast, and the towns hit the hardest are starting to come back to life. the recovery effort happening today. our high def doppler radar still tracking a cum rain drops in the bay area. are there more to come? we will let you know coming up. we have a couple traffic jams right now in two spots on 680 including this one. have the latest on these accidents. that's coming up. thank you, liz. good morning, everyone. tuesday, october 29th. i'm frank. >> i'm michelle. time now is 6:30. kpix 5 is live in santa rosa this morning where today hundreds of people will protest
6:31 am
the death of a 13-year-old boy. kate. >> michelle, it's expected to be one of their largest rallies yet. we're expecting anywhere in the -- basically we're expecting about 1500 people to show up to today's event, and today also marks one week since 13-year-old andy lopez was killed where this memorial stands behind me. >> the barricades are up, and sonoma county sheriff's office ready for another large demonstration in front of its doors. meanwhile deputy eric gelhaus is on administrative leave following last week's shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez. investigators say lopez pointed a toy gun at gelhaus and another deputy. the sheriff says gelhaus has been with the department frp more than 20 years and feels terrible. >> this is a horrible tragedy for all involved. >> deputy gelhaus contributed to many gun web sites and police magazines. a veteran of the war in iraq, gelhaus was commissioned to write an article for swat magazine in 2008 to talk about
6:32 am
how to survive an ambush. meanwhile, at the lopez memorial, there is is lot of discontent with law enforcement and little sympathy for gelhaus. >> i'm mad. i'm just -- it sucks to lose one of my friends. >> it's been one week since andy's death, and a facebook page called justice for andy lopez calls for students to walk out of klass at 10:00 this morning, and for demonstrators to take to the streets, no sidewalks. >> city leaders are advising people to stay away from the county administration center around -- or just this afternoon because traffic in that area will be heavily impacted. reporting live in santa rosa, kate, kpix 5. >> as for the big rally today, the plan is to gather at noon at the old courthouse square and then march to the sheriff's office. former santa clara county supervisor george shirakawa facing more legal problems. a grand jury indicted him yesterday on false impersonation charges. it's related to a phony mailer.
6:33 am
prosecutors say shirakawa conjured up to discredit a san jose city council candidate. shirakawa has already pleaded guilty to stealing public funds. he says he was fueled by gambling addiction. he's scheduled to be sentenced in november. south bay man pleaded no contest to charges he threatened state senator leland lee. prosecutors say everyett batcham was angry about attempts to ban assault weapons. he sent him a threatening e-mail, and when police went to basham's santa clara home, they found bomb-making materials and illegal weapons. basham faces up to ten years in jail. and marjorie reitzell is due to be arraigned today for the deaths of two people in menlo park last week. 54-year-old redwood city woman couldn't make it to court yesterday because she was in the medical ward at the san mateo county jail. she is charged with killing kamal and sing as they walked their dog along the street thursday evening. leave behind three teenage
6:34 am
children. reitzell is on probation for a drunk-driving. one year ago today, superstorm sandy hit the east coast leaving behind a path of destruction, and even now, are still trying to rebuild their homes and their lives. duncan reports from one of the hardest-hit communities in the new york city area. >> breezy point is slowly coming back from superstorm sandy one wall at a time. >> i'm looking, and i think we've come a long way. >> eileen long is building a new home. her old house was one of the 135 that burned to the ground when water triggered a massive electrical fire. >> no one ever expected fire, and the hundred-mile winds that destroyed our community. >> sandy caused catastrophic devastation along the mid atlantic coast. at least 147 people were killed and some 650,000 homes were damaged or destroyed.
6:35 am
thanks to several volunteer organizations, her three children returned to their renovated home in staten island yesterday. >> thank you, everybody, who ever helped me. >> the storm's rising waters forced the family to escape to their attic. >> weir all up here. the water is so high up. >> they were evacuated by boat after 12 hours. >> i'm not wish to nobody experience anything like this, to stay with your three kids on the attic with no water, no lights, no warm clothes. >> as communities like staten island and breezy point continue to recover, it's obvious these tight-snit xhountieses are determined to rebuild and replace what they lost. duven can, cbs news breezy point. >> the storm caused an estimated $50 billion in damage. that makes it the second costliest weather disaster in u.s. history after hurricane katrina. well, the first storm of the season has turned the sierra into a winter wonder land. more than a foot has fallen in
6:36 am
the highest elevations. it's creating some problems, though, on the roads. intertate 80 came to a crawl last night as drivers were forced to put on chains. some vehicles even went off the road. >> this one here is the second one tonight. i'm sure there's going to be more before it's all over with, you know, people just need to go slow. >> fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. chains are required today on 80 from kingsdale in donner lake, but, you know, fresh snow, always good, right? >> beautiful. i love the fresh snow up there in the sierra novato. >> skier es are loving it, too. >> great time of year. >> got more storms heading in their direction. we're watching this system winding downright now. still a lot of clouds in our skies and cool temperatures. our high def doppler radar is tracking some rain drops now toward watsonville. pretty good train of moisture, almost a half an inch of rain. so some showers in that direction and along the 101 if you're traveling in that direction this morning, otherwise dry around the rest of the bay area, partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures now in the 40s and
6:37 am
50s. as we head towards the afternoon, these numbers going to be running well below the arch, usually in the 60s and 70s this time of year, not even close by the afternoon. maybe 63 degrees in santa rosa. 59 in san francisco. one of the warm spots, only 64 degrees in livermore. all right. let's check out your kcbs traffic now with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. chp shifts to shoot a traffic alert out for this accident kaugz pretty good-sized backups fwauz two middle lanes are blocked. we have a slightly new location at southbound 680 approaching road. multicar accident including one of those cars side waist in the road. chp is on scene now. you can see those delays 19 miles per hour right before you approach the accident scene. better news for this accident on 680, the symphony shows southbound 680 right before the 780 interchange. the accident just cleared. the right-hand shoulder. unfortunately it's still pretty backed up on those southbound lanes as you head towards the bridge. red traffic sensors mean some below 15 miles per hour.
6:38 am
here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's starting to fill in in all the lanes. the cash and the fast track ones. coming up, we'll also get a check of mass transit. that is your latest kcbs traffic. back to you. >> thank you, liz. there are clear signs of excitement in san francisco about a potential move back to the city by the golden state warriors. hundreds of favens, business leaders all getting together yesterday for their tipoff luncheon, but it was held here in san francisco. seems as if the team was already moving out of oakland and into the billion-dollar arena they hope to build on the waterfront, but it's not a done deal yet. while there is some enthusiasm, others are saying not so fast. >> pretty obvious why we'd be attracted to it, particularly the location where we're going, we're trying to go is a fantastic location. >> we all know that the embarcadero is struggling to deal with traffic today. there are no plans for public transportation of any kind other than planning. >> warriors management stays arena will be privately funded and that the team has made a
6:39 am
decision to move across the bay. time now is 6:38. halloween isn't quite what it used to be, but it could be a lot safer with the little low-cost technology. how you can make sure halloween doesn't get too scary for kids or for parents. how about the market opened up ten minutes ago on this tuesday morning. take a look at the early numbers, and we are on the gates in a very green and good wachlt jason brooks crunch the numbers and much more when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class. results. its ye down for t apple's earnings are falling short of last year's results. >> yeah. it's year-to-year numbers are down for three-straight quarter nous. here now is kcbs radio finance reporter jason brooks on this tuesday. good morning. >> good morning, frank. good morning, michelle. all about beating expectations, and apple did so in its fiscal fourth quarter, although they will reduce expectations.
6:43 am
its profit was still down 9% from year earlier, but it's.5 billion. that was 300 million more than what most analysts were expecting. revenue was also $300 million more than what most analysts were expecting. revenue was also up 4% to 37-and-a-half billion. it's all about the current quarter for apple. it provided guidance that analysts tended to like saying it will beat what most are expecting revenue of around 55 to $58 billion. its latest iphone seeks 5s and 5c went on sale at the end of the last quarter, and the new ipads, the mini and the air are just going on sale. apple is going to have to show that those numbers will be very big for the holiday quarter to continue to impress wall street. lots of economic news out this morning including a couple of reports that were delayed due to the government shutdown. retail sales in september were down a tenth of a percent, a pretty weak performance. a lot of that due to a big drop in auto sales, which were pulled into august from the labor day. 2.2%. wholesale side inflation also down a tenth of a percent, and you could credit a big drop in
6:44 am
food prices due to that down 1% largely because of vegetable prices going down. energy prices were up a half percent largely because of heating oil. gas prices were down. let's take a look at the market. off to a good start this morning. the dow is up 56 points. nasdaq is gaining 10. s & p up by five points. apple shares are up a quarter percent. michelle and frank, back to you. >> all right. kcbs news. thank you. >> thank you, jason. checking traffic now. i know we had an issue here in the city, right? >> we had an issue in the city, which we still do. in the meantime, we've also been watching this traffic alert. it's just been cleared. all lanes now oip. they cleared this to the right-hand shoulder for awhile. the two middle lanes were blocked. multivehicle crash in the area approaching the road exit so even though all lanes were just reopened, look at that. we're still seeing a long line of those red sensors, really slow speeds all the way towards. also in venetia southbound 680 pushing the 780 interchange. this accident is also cleared, but it's very slow going, very
6:45 am
stop and go as you head towards the venetea bridge. it is filling in. it is stack up towards all lanes, as you can see there. it is backed up and on the east shore freeway from berkeley all the way down towards demer vil. 24 minutes is that drive time. checking other maps, this is that accident frank mentioned at oak street and octavia boulevard. police remain in the area doing traffic control, but toll crews just got on scene. the lights are out. that's what's causing big backups heading towards the central freeway. that is your latest kcbs traffic morning forecast. here's lawrence. liz, we've got high def doppler radar out today scanning skies and look for rains and some of these into the santa cruz mountains if you're ned that direction in towards watsonville. you may see scattered showers, otherwise, dry around the rest of the bay area. right now we've got partly to mostly cloudy skies to start off the day by the afternoon. mix of sun ask clouds and cool temperatures, and then it looks like a warming trend just in time for halloween. this area of low pressure very slow to move on out of town
6:46 am
still rotating more showers and snow showers across the high country. it is going to bring us some unseasonably cool temperatures outside. air coming right down from canada into the bay area so that means we're going to see chilly temperatures especially out near the coastline and even inside the bay. numbers arnold the 60s in the central valley. few snow shoiers left over in the country. 41 degrees, lots of snow in the high country, as well. around the bay today looking at 50s and 60s for high. cool toward the coastline. little breezy there, as well, but not as much as yesterday. temperature wise warm things up in the thursday and friday then looks like over the weekend may be cooling down slightly with a few more clouds. time to check out your school cast today this one for mission san jose el mentally school in fremont. a cool and cloudy start about 54 degrees staying fairly cool in the lunchtime recess. you might want to grab a light sweater or jacket then looks like about 61 degrees as you head out the door for the afternoon. all right. if you'd like to nominate your school for kpix 5 school cast go
6:47 am
to forward slash school cast and you can answer it there. that's the latest forecast, guys. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. a little tech can go a long ways towards safe halloween evening for your kids. editor at large brian cooley joins us now and goes other couple apps and other tools. these are great. they're free ios and android and really good for peace of mind on halloween night when you're worried about the kids. right there in the neighborhood. pulled together a great list mama bear. this is an app you install on all the family phones, parent ors kids, then the parents phones can watch where the kids are. you can get alert ifs they cross a certain sort of invisible boundary where you don't want them to go past. if they're in a car, this will detect that they're moving faster than they could possibly walk in there and say, kids in the car, and it'll also monitor social media if someone posts anything or a photo of them, it'll alert you of that, as well. that's really cool. good kind of comprehensive top of mind awareness thing. another one to look for here is sex offender search. itis an app that will let you
6:48 am
see all the sex offenders registered in the area where you either live or trick or treating. it also shows you all the local fbi and police station nearby and one called fbi child id. this is basically a locker on your phone where you store all the information about your child and photos, things you might be too panicked to even remember if your child goes missing in those critical moments and hours after that. people really struggle to find this stuff. you're right. i need pick dhours get to the police or whatever it may be. it does not up load the nefgs anywhere, though. it keeps it on your phone so there's also privacy there. >> it's not all about candy anymore? >> no, it's not. and sa simple tip, get le deshgs flashlights for the kids, not those old lights that have bulbs in them. these are leds that have two or three different settings. one is like a seen mode and be seen mode. these are great because the batteries last, like, forever. i haven't replaced the batteries in this one in years. i use it regularly. >> they're cheap. i picked one up at the dollar store. >> yeah. a good one for ten bucks. this is great because they can
6:49 am
leaf it on almost all night, and the batteries won't even begin to be depleted. >> the apps and tools are great because now days kids are getting younger and younger going out trick or treating by themselves now. >> and also kids younger and younger have smart phones. >> they knock on your door, ask for can day, and they're on their phone. >> trick or treating will be virtual. >> yeah. >> we'll do it online. >> all right. thank you so much. remember you can find more of brian's tech watch segments on slash morning always giving us good stuff. well, time now for that look at whees coming up later on cbs this morning. join us lye in new york with more on that. good morning nora. >> good morning to you. we're going to talk to crawford. shees uncovered new information about millions of americans losing their current insurance coverage under obama care. we'll explain. plus one year after superstorm sandy, we're going to talk to new jersey governor chris christy about the recovery here and those who say they feel
6:50 am
like they've been forgotten. and the largest immigration fraud find in u.s. history is expected this week. john miller on the future for tech giant and the man who blew the whistle. the news is back in the morning so we'll see you right at 7:00. >> all right. nora, we'll be watching. thank you. 6:50 now. a famous country singer involved in a deadly accident. we'll have the very latest on that and the reason the driver may not be ticketed in that tour bus crash coming up. looking passengers say their airline imprisoned them. i'm mark kelly. coming up, a live report from oakland international on what's being called the flight from hell. the great american novel.
6:51 am
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aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. program that allows the n-so five things to know at the 55 now. the white house says it is looking into whether it should end a program that allows the nsa to spy on foreign leaders. senator diane feinstein, the head of the senate intelligence committee said she was not aware of the program and that any spying on allied heads of state needs to end immediately. she also is kaulg for a total review out of all intelligence programs. jason aldean's tour bus struck and killed a pedestrian in indiana yesterday morning. aldean was the only passenger on the vehicle. authorities say the victim walked out on the roadway and was hit. in a statement, he said he is praying for the victim's family and friends and is asking his fans to do the same. and the mother of trayvon martin will testify on capitol hill about stand your ground
6:55 am
self-defense laws later today. sebrina fulton has promised to keep pressure on lawmakers to repeal or overhaul those laws. she has said neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman got away with murder in the death of her son largely buzz of florida's stand your ground law. san francisco supervisor scott weiner want yous to pay almost a quarter more for sodas. it would be a new tax on every can or bottle of soft drinks sold in the city. weiner wants to use that money to pay for health, nutrition and activity programs for young people. he will introduce his legislation tonight. and more than a hundred mourners gathered for sixth night to remember 13-year-old andy lopez. the teen was shot and killed by a sonoma county deputy last week. the deputy thought lopez was armed. it turned out to be a fake weapon. another protest set for later today, and our kate is there live now with details on that big rally. good morning. >> frank, today marks one week since 13-year-old andy lopez was shot and killed where this memorial stands behind me.
6:56 am
i can tell you there is a lot of anger in this community towards law enforcement, and today those protesters plan to take their anger out on the streets at one of the largest rallies yet. >> the barricades are up and sonoma county sheriff's office ready for another large demonstration in front of its doors. meanwhile, deputy eric gelhaus is on administrative leave following last week's shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez. investigators say lopez pointed a toy gun at gelhaus and another deputy. >> this is a horrible tragedy for all involved. >> deputy gelhaus contributed to many gun web sites and police magazines. a veteran of the war in iraq, gelhaus was commissioned to write an article for swat magazine in 2008 to talk about how to survive an ambush. meanwhile, at the lopez memorial, there is a lot of discontent with law enforcement and little sympathy for gel gelhaus. >> i'm mad. i'm just -- it suks to lose one of my friends. >> now, taking a live look at
6:57 am
the memorial right now. as the discontent grows in this community, so does this candle lit memorial honoring the young boy who died. we also know a facebook page honoring lopez is calling out -- calling on students to walk out of klass at 10:00 this morning. they're also calling on demonstrators to flood the streets so there's going to be a lot of activity today. that rally, again, as i mentioned will start at noon today, and protesters plan to march to the sheriff's office at 2:00 this afternoon. reporting live in santa rosa, kate, kpix 5. and i'm mark kelly live at oakland international being called the flight from hell. passengers aboard flight 14032 had to switch planes three times over 12 hours. that was just before getting in the air. passengers were so frustrated they sent this exclusive video to kpix 5 shooting on their cell phone. it all started 9:30 monday morning. flight 14032 pushed back from the gate only to find a mechanical issue.
6:58 am
passengers were then put on a new 3:00 flight but that one arrived three hours late. finally when the third plane went back to the gate for fuel, passengers went off. >> i have been imprisoned by allegiant airlines for over nine hours, and i am outraged. this airline should go out of business immediately. >> going to fly allegiant? >> no. never again. i'll probably tell everybody else not to fly them either. >> my husband says we're never going allegian again. i've been at the airport since 6:00 this morning. i am so fed up with this airport. >> a little unusual. these people are so insensitive. 12 hours in the airport. >> allegian put out a statement saying in part every effort was made to keep passengers as comfortable as possible. we never want to delay or inconvenience our passengers, but the safety of our passengers and crew is our no.
6:59 am
1 priority. all the passengers eventually made it to utah, and tashgsllegiant airlines gave them a $100 credit for future flight. live at oakland international airport, mark kelly. one last check this morning of your traffic. we have three hot spots going on right now, and they are all on 680 at different areas. southbound 680, this is in san ramon. an accident there still blocking two lanes. it is very slow and go out of danville. if you're continuing on your morning commute all the way down, southbound 680 approaching, another multicar crash had been blocking middle lanes. all lanes are now back open. the alert has been cancelled. oud right now trying to part over the bay as we speak. temperatures a little cool or high def doppler radar tracks a couple rain drops in the santa cruz mountains. 40s and 50s now. by the afternoon, a cool day. 60s inside the bay and valley. weather on the way looking like a very nice halloween! all right. good for the trick or treaters.
7:00 am
thanks. thank you for watching kpix news this morning. >> enjoy, everybody.


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